Should know about teen passengers

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Here are two more examples. Two coders were responsible for coding all transcripts. Some participants articulated descriptions of the specific mechanisms of influence and detrimental effects on driving performance, demonstrating an awareness of the risks that peer passengers can pose. Offer to drive to the destination instead of riding with an unsafe driver. Notably, when asked about the effect of having multiple versus a single passenger, the majority of drivers recognized that multiple passengers detrimentally affected their driving, and provided vivid descriptions of the distraction that having multiple passengers can pose. Chen L, Baker SP, et al.

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At the time of the study, all newly licensed teenage drivers were subject to the passenger restriction of the State of Virginia for newly licensed teens effective inthat limited the number of passengers to no more than a single passenger younger than 18 for the first 12 months of driving, and no more than three passengers younger than 18 thereafter Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Sampling was stratified in order to have similar numbers of males and females and of drivers sharing or not sharing the vehicle with their parents.

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Should teenagers be allowed to have teen-aged passengers in the vehicle with them?

Safety Teens April 24, Teach teens to be safe passengers, limit distractions for teen drivers by Emily Brooke Riley. So it may make sense to wait a year or more before allowing your teen driver to have passengers, and even then limiting the frequency and circumstances. Suggest to your teen that a safe passenger should show the driver respect by staying calm while riding and not pressuring the driver to go too fast. Understanding Peer Influence in Children and Adolescents. Content analysis of participants responses was used taking an inductive approach. Make sure your teen remembers these distracted driving safety tips the next time she catches a ride:. They act like idiots.

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should know about teen passengers
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should know about teen passengers
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