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Love all you do. Donald Sutherland starred opposite son Kiefer Sutherland in the western "Forsaken"about a young gunslinger reestablishing his relationship with his preacher-father. This Calendar gives me goosebumps!!! March is mighty nice, I'll be happy to finish toweling him down. After what he does to a pussy cat, his character gets what he deserves. Click like if you love cowboys!

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Donald Sutherland

You can download it to your computer desktop if you have Windows, and if you have a website or blog, you can post it to your sidebar. Yummy to all of them don't have a Fav. Love all you do. I totally downloaded the widget. Donald Sutherland played the renowned adventurer, author and lover in Federico Fellini's stylized drama, "Fellini's Casanova. Pakula's thriller "Klute"Donald Sutherland played a detective investigating a missing corporate executive whose trail leads to a prostitute Jane Fonda. The widget is shockingly cool, updating automatically every day.

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