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Never drink on an empty stomach. Like a chaotic whirl of events going in fast forward? Alcohol can interfere with certain mediations. Log in No account? If you're drinking at home, try picking up a few cheap curved glasses at local supermarket or department store. In his experiment, Bartholow and his team administered alcoholic beverages to one third of a group of 67 participants ages 21 to 35no alcohol to the other third and a placebo beverage to the last group.

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Go for something like a salad with chicken, a light sandwich, a serving of fish, or a small serving of pasta. Alcohol Intoxication In other languages: While drinking can be fun, your health should be your priority. If you're mixing liquor with diet soda, make sure to be aware you may be drunker than you realize. Tell us more about it? Be aware of how you're feeling when you drink. You do not want to end up ill from alcohol.

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